Specialist Training and Credentialing

Registration as Clinical haematologist in training
Trainees in Clinical haematology in Malaysia are now required to register with the MSH.
1) Download the Registration as Trainee form. Complete and email to training@haematology@org.my. When the training committee approves your application you should receive an acknowledgment email with a training ID.
2) Download MSH Trainee Handbook
3) Liaise with your Supervisor(s) throughout the training period
4) Completion of training means you have sufficient exposure in haematology as logged in the training handbook. You also need to have a thesis and a completed Supervisor report before you are eligible to site for the Exit Examination at the end of your training period. Please email the thesis and supervisor report to training@haematology.org.my

The Training Registration Form


Download (DOCX, 83KB)

Training and logbook
The MSH Haematology Trainee Handbook. Preview (download link in Doc format below the preview):

Download (DOC, 763KB)

Criteria for Credentialing as a Clinical Haematologist from the NSR website
Download (PDF format, from NSR website)