World Federation of Haemophilia Congress – Kuala Lumpur 2020

A message from No√člle Visani, Communications Officer:
For August, we are focusing on location. Here are the 3 key messages:

The WFH 2020 World Congress is a unique event where ALL the stakeholders of the bleeding disorders community (doctors, allied healthcare professionals, government officials and patients) come together to decide the future of bleeding disorders care.

The WFH strives to bring treatment to all, no matter the location. As an Ambassador, I am glad to see the WFH 2020 World Congress take place in Malaysia and to learn more about the reality of bleeding disorders in Asia.

As a WFH 2020 World Congress Ambassador, I encourage you to join the bleeding disorders community in Malaysia! Come for the exciting speakers and topics, the many networking opportunities and the sense of community! Stay to see all that Malaysia has to offer!

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