These are the alides made available by the speakers for MSH 2017 :
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Grand Ballroom Day 1
How to optimize treatment for T NHL and NK T cell lymphoma (Dr. Michelle Poon)

PET scan in Lymphoma - How to interpret (Prof Dato’ Abdul Jalil Nordin )

How I treat elderly AML (Dr Ng Soo Chin)

Novel Therapies in AML (Dr. Lao Zhen Tang)

Prognostication in AML (Dr. Lao Zhen Tang)

Highlights of Clinical Abstracts (Dr Toh See Guan)

Highlights of laboratory abstracts (Dr Caroline Ho)

Auditorium Day 1

How to approach and treat AL amyloidosis (Dato Dr Chang Kian Meng)

Optimal Induction Therapy For Myeloma (Dr JV Sangkar)

Atypical Haemolytic Uremic Syndrome- Diagnosis and Treatment (Dr Dana Zhang)

Managing congenital Haemophilia with Inhibitor (Dr Zulaiha Muda )

Novel therapies for haemophilia (Prof Mike Laffan)

Diamond 2 (Haematopath) Day 1

MPN Classification-2016 WHO update (Prof Tan Soo Yong)

Trephine biopsy in difficult cases of NHL (Prof Tan Soo Yong)

Immunophenotyping for Lymphoma (Dr Lee Shir Ying)

Immunophenotyping for MRD in Acute Leukemia (Dr Lee Shir Ying)

Diamond 1 (Nursing) Day 1

Overview of Hemophilia (Dr Jay Suriar)

Peranan Jururawat dalam Terapi di Rumah (Juliana Bunimin )

Practical Aspects of Factor Replacement Therapy (Goh Jiet Hui )

The Role of a Study Coordinator (Maizatul Sara Abu Bakar )


Grand Ballroom Day 2

Does Age Really Matter in This Era of SCT (Assoc Prof Bee Ping Chong)

Haplo CordSCT and RIC alloSCT – can we transplant everyone (Dr William Hwang)

Pulmonary Complications after HSCT (Dr William Hwang)

Treatment-Free Remission in CML - An emerging goal (Dr Franck E Nicolini)

Optimal management of advanced stage Hodgkin lymphoma (Dr Alan Teh)

Novel therapies in Relapsed Refractory Hodgkin Lymphoma (Dr Tim Illidge)

The Role of Radiotherapy in Hodgkin Lymphoma – consolidation & salvage (Dr Leong Kin Wah)

Acquired Von Willebrand Syndrome (Prof Mike Lafflan)

Auditorium Day 2

Evolving Management of MPNs (Dr Francesco Passamonti)

Molecular monitoring & mutational analysis in CML (Dr Charles Chuah)

Molecular Pathogenesis and Prognostication in MPNs (Dr Francesco Passamonti)

Managing Sickle Cell Disorders in Pregnancy (Prof Nick Jackson)

Managing the CML patient who wants to get pregnant (Dr Charles Chuah)

Managing NTDT In Pregnancy (Dr Jameela Sathar)

Diamond 2 Day2

Cytogenetic analysis in Haematological malignancies (Prof Ravindran Ankathil)

Advances In The Management Of VWD (Prof Mike Lafflan)

Molecular Diagnosis In Thalassaemia (Dr Ida Marhainis Isahak)

Next Generation Sequencing in Hematology (Dr Mani Yegappan)

Diamond 1 Day 2

Pain Management In Myeloma & Lymphoma Patients (Dr U.Kamariah binti U.Ahmad)

Care for the Terminally-Ill (Dr Diana Katiman)

Complications Of Transfusion (Dr Lim Su Hong)

Iron Overload : Assessment And Management (Dr Chang Su Kien)

What Can You Do To Improve Compliance To Treatment (Dr Chew Lee Ping)


Grand Ballroom Day 3

Upfront Transplant for High Risk DLBCL - Yes (Dr Ong Tee Chuan)

Upfront Autologous SCT in high risk DLCL - No (Prof David Ritchie)

AlloSCT in CR1 for standard risk adult B ALL - Yes (Dr Ong Tee Chuan)

AlloSCT for standard risk adult B-ALL in CR1 - No (Dr Dieter Hoelzer)

Ph-positive and Ph-like Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia (Prof David Ritchie)

Current status and future options in adult ALL (Dr Dieter Hoelzer)

Auditorium Day 3

Monitoring of Novel Anticoagulants (Nurasykin Yusof)

Pitfalls in Diagnostic Interpretation of Lupus Anticoagulant (Dr Wan Zaidah Abdullah)

Thrombotic microangiopathy – laboratory and clinical aspects (Dr Ang Ai Leen)