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Day 2
TimeWhite cell
Haemostasis & Thrombosis
Red cell
Molecular medicine
Paediatric Haematology

Cell-based therapy

0815 - 0835
Lymphoma in Malaysia
Bee Ping Chong
Haemophilia in Malaysia
Jameela Sathar
Red cell enzyme disorders in Malaysia
Ainoon Othman

Molecular research in haematology
Gareth Gerrard
(United Kingdom)
Paediatric lymphoma: update on management
Hamidah Alias

Cord blood banking in Malaysia
Nazahah Mahmud

0835 - 0855
New therapies & strategies in aggressive B cell lymphoma
Anas Younes
Individualizing therapy for haemophilia: selecting the right therapy at the right time
Zulaiha Muda

Red Cell Enzyme & Membrane Disorders : A Global Perspective
Mark Layton
(United Kingdom)

Gene expression & DNA methylation profiling in MPN
Wong Chieh Lee
Acute leukaemia in Malaysia: a paediatric perspective
Hany Ariffin

Bone marrow stem cell niche & mesenchymal stem cell culture
Cheong Soon Keng
0855 - 0915
Treatment of lymphoid malignancies with targeted CAR T-cells
Miles Prince
Managing the Switch from Plasma to Recombinant Therapy in Clinical Practice
Mike Laffan
(United Kingdom)

Management of Red Cell Enzyme & Membrane Disorders
Mark Layton
(United Kingdom)
Targeted sequencing in myeloid disorders
Gareth Gerrard
(United Kingdom)

Early complications after paediatric SCT: update on management
Anselm Lee
Cell therapy for cancer: Current state of the art
Dario Campana
0915 - 0945
Q & AQ & AQ & AQ & AQ & AQ & A
0945 - 1015
1015 - 1035
Multiple myeloma in Malaysia
Tan Sen Mui
How I treat : Thrombosis in unusual sites
Lim Soo Min

Haemolytic anaemia: What is new?
Lim Su Hong

Next generation sequencing for haematological malignancies - evolving tools
Kahlil Lawless
Paediatric Thrombosis & Anticoagulation: Issues & Management
Zulaiha Muda

Autologous haemopoietic stem cell-based gene therapy for devastating neural disorder: Early outcomes in metachromatic leucodystrophy patients
Lian Qizhou
(Hong Kong)
1035 - 1055
Management of relapsed/refractory multiple myeloma: an update
Daryl Tan
Pulmonary embolism : Who to thrombolyse and who to discharge?
Rafeah Tumian
Rare red cell disorders: An update
Mark Layton
(United Kingdom)

Genomics of T-cell lymphoma: From sequencing to clinical applications
Ong Choon Kiat

Congenital immunodeficiencies: an update
Lokman Md Noh

Mesenchymal stem cells in eye disorders - from regeneration to immune modulation
Then Kong Yong
1055 - 1115
Management of multiple myeloma in the molecular era
Chng Wee Joo (Singapore)
The latest update on NOACs: from Mx of SPAF to VTE/PE treatment
Yap Eng Soo

Role of next generation sequencing in the diagnosis of rare red cell disorders
Mark Layton
(United Kingdom)
RNA-interference-mediated gene silencing in cancer therapy
Teoh Hoon Koon
Role of immunotherapy in paediatric malignancies
Dario Campana

The potential clinical applications based on immuno-modulatory properties of mesenchymal stem cells
Shi Yu Fang
1115 - 1145
Q & AQ & AQ & AQ & AQ & AQ & A
1145 - 1200
Poster viewing + Visit booth
1200 - 1245
PLENARY 1Curing sickle cell disease
Thein Swee Lay
1245 - 1315
Lunch symposium - Acquired Haemophilia
Paul Giangrande
(Novo Nordisk)
Lunch symposium
Shaun Fleming
Lunch symposium - Current and future treatment of CD30+ Lymphomas Anas Younes
1315 - 1430
1430 - 1530Satellite Symposium (3)
Yap Eng Soo
Managing difficult cases of CLL and low grade lymphoma
Bryone Kuss

Challenges in the management of iron overload
Vip Viprakasit
Challenges in paediatric & adult HSCT
Anselm Lee (Singapore) & Huang Xiao Jun (China)

Royal College of Pathologists of Australasia (RCPA) Workshop
Merrole Cole-Sinclair (Australia)
Clinical Research Malaysia
1530 - 1545
1545 - 1700
Presidential Symposium
1700 - 1800
Poster Walk
1800 - 2200
Dinner symposium

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