East Malaysia Thalassaemia Forum in Kota Kinabalu on 16 -17th April 201

Dear Friends & Colleagues,

Greetings from land below the wind, just in case you, your MOs or SNs are interested in visiting Sabah by mode of attending the East Malaysia Thalassaemia Forum in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah -- held in the Ballroom of the biggest shopping centre in Sabah ( 1 Borneo). It is organised by KKM, hence your PTJ have to sponsor the 'Perjalanan', registration is free, Accommodation will be free (but need to notify Ms Adeline - 012-8330309). You only need to pay for your shopping!

It is kind of the A,B,C of Thalassaemia Management, include topics on Transfusion, chelation, Prenatal Diagnosis, BMT, osteoporosis, endocrine and psycho-social, expected to be non-strenous to the Brain.

Warm regards,
Lily Wong
Queen Elizabeth Hospital

Programme (click on the Full screen view at the bottom left of each window to enlarge the display) :-