July 2006 Update

I guess things have been relatively quiet naturally after the euphoria of MSH 2006.
I notice that registrants for the MSH website are only slowly trickling in. If you are a member of the MSH Mailing list, then you will receive all posts as email. However do please register with teh MSH website as tehre are more features and you can browse previous news postings. It's very easy to register - please use the same email that you use for the MSH mailiing list though so we can identify you

Just click on this link to register with the MSH website if you have not done so before:

Website development:
We are in the process of trying to get Corporate sponsors for the website to generate revenue for the society. We also need to see more Informative pages for the website and I appeal for volunteers to come out with ideas and content. I suggest some pages like:
- History of the MSH
- Society Information (Objectives etc.)
- Training to be Haematologist
Alan Teh