Myeloma meeting in Mumbai in Jan 2006

Alan Teh

Multiple Myeloma : An international update
(Including ASH update on Haemato-Oncology)
S.P. Jain Auditorium, Bombay Hospital
Marine Lines, Mumbai, India

6-8 January 2006 (Fri-Sun)

Scientific programme (Provisional)

Friday, 6th January 2006

Time Subject Speaker
08.30 am . Breakfast and registration
09.25 am ASH update - An introduction Tapan Saikia
09.30 am Myeloid malignancies (AML, MDS) M.B. Agarwal
10.15 am Chronic myeloid leukaemia Tapan Saikia
11.00 am Tea / coffee
11.30 am Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma K. Smruti
12.15 pm Acute lymphoblastic leukaemia Mukesh Desai
01.00 pm Lunch
02.00 pm Inauguration (Multiple myeloma : An international update)
02.30 pm MM : An odyssey of discovery Robert Kyle
03.00 pm MM : Clinical picture Angela Dispenzieri
03.30 pm Case discussions - 1 Morie GertzSunder Jagannath
04.00 pm Tea / coffee
04.30 pm Myeloma : Disease biology - Newer aspects Nikhil Munshi
05.00 pm Myeloma bone disease Morie Gertz
05.30 pm Waldenstrom macroglobulinemia : Diagnosis Steven Treon
06.00 pm Case discussion - 2 Mohamad HusseinSteven Treon
07.00 pm Sponsored lecture (Janssen Cilag)Bortezomib - VelcadeVelcade : Indian experienceVenue : S.P. Jain Auditorium Sunder JagannathM.B. Agarwal
07.45 pm Cultural programmeCocktails and dinnerSponsors : IntasVenue : To be announced

Saturday, 7th January 2006

Time Subject Speaker
07.00 am Meet the expert sessions
Hall A - Amyloidosis Morie Gertz
Hall B - MGUS Robert Kyle
Hall C - Prognostic factors determining therapy Nikhil Munshi
Hall D - Diagnosis of myeloma Angela Dispenzieri
Hall E - Waldenstrom macroglobulinemia Steven Treon
09.00 am MGUS, smouldering myeloma Robert Kyle
09.30 am Solitary plasmacytoma (osseous and extra-osseous) cryoglobulinemia Morie Gertz
10.00 am Osteosclerotic myeloma, POEMS syndrome, IgD myeloma, plasma cell leukaemia Angela Dispenzieri
10.30 am Case discussion - 3 Nikhil MunshiAngela Dispenzieri
11.00 am Tea / coffee
11.30 am Waldenstrom macroglobulinemia : Prognosis Steven Treon
12.00 pm Myeloma : Investigations including FLC assay and significance of circulating plasma cells Vincent Rajkumar
12.30 pm Case discussion - 4 Robert KyleVincent Rajkumar
01.00 pm Lunch
02.00 pm Amyloidosis Morie Gertz
02.30 pm Monoclonal gammopathy related neuropathies and nephropathy Angela Dispenzieri
03.00 pm Treatment of newly diagnosed myeloma Vincent Rajkumar
03.30 pm Case discussion - 5 Morie GertzSunder Jagannath
04.00 pm Tea / coffee
04.30 pm Transplants - Auto, tandem, allo, reduced intensity Sunder Jagannath
05.00 pm Novel targets in myeloma therapy Nikhil Munshi
05.30 pm Case discussion - 6 Mohamad HusseinSteven Treon
06.30 pm onwards Sponsored lecture (Novo Nordisk)Novo Seven : A universal haemostatic agentVenue : To be announced M.B. Agarwal
07.30 pm Cultural programmeCocktails and dinnerVenue : To be announced

Sunday, 8th January 2006

Time Subject Speaker
07.00 am Meet the expert sessions
Hall A - Conventional management of myeloma Angela Dispenzieri
Hall B - Bortezomib Sunder Jagannath
Hall C - Support therapy Mohamad Hussein
Hall D - Thalidomide Vincent Rajkumar
Hall E - Therapy of relapsed myeloma Nikhil Munshi
09.00 am IMiDs : Thalidomide, Lenalidomide Vincent Rajkumar
09.30 am Arsenic trioxide, Liposomal Doxorubicin Mohamad Hussein
10.00 am Waldenstrom macroglobulinemia : Management Steven Treon
10.30 am Case discussion - 7 Nikhil MunshiAngela Dispenzieri
11.00 am Tea / coffee
11.30 am Novel combination therapies : Principles and practice Mohamad Hussein
12.00 pm Treatment of refractory and relapsed myeloma, Maintenance therapy Sunder Jagannath
12.30 pm Case discussion - 8 Robert KyleVincent Rajkumar
01.00 pm Lunch
02.00 pm Support therapy Robert Kyle
02.30 pm Veno-occlusive disease in myeloma Mohamad Hussein
03.00 pm Cytogenetics, genomics, immunotherapy and future challenges Nikhil Munshi
03.30 pm Concluding remarks M.B. Agarwal
03.35 pm High tea

Proposed case discussions (subject titles to be selected by the speakers)

Session 1

Morie GertzSunder Jagannath

Session 2

Mohamad HusseinSteven Treon

Session 3

Nikhil MunshiAngela Dispenzieri

Session 4

Robert KyleVincent Rajkumar

Session 5

Morie GertzSunder Jagannath

Session 6

Mohamad HusseinSteven Treon

Session 7

Nikhil MunshiAngela Dispenzieri

Session 8

Robert KyleVincent Rajkumar

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