Membership Application

Information on Membership Categories from the MSH Constitution

5. MEMBERSHIP: There will be two categories members, namely, Ordinary and Associated members.

They shall be elected from:
a) Physicians/Paediatricians/ Pathologists practising in Malaysia who have postgraduate qualification in Internal Medicine, Paediatrics or Pathology
b) Doctors with postgraduate qualification in the medical sciences.

They shall be elected from:
a) Medical graduates who are undergoing training programmes in Haematology
b) Medical practitioners who have interest in Haematology
c) Scientific officers and Medical Laboratory Technologists who are trained in Haematology OR
d) Associate membership should be extended to people from other countries.

All ordinary members are eligible to become life members after payment of life membership subscription fees.

Application: Effective 1st April 2015 all registration fee will include a GST 6% tax. GST No: 001664421888

1) Entrance fee : RM 20.00+ RM 1.20 = RM 21.20
2) Subscription fee :

Life member:  RM 150.00 + RM 9.00 = RM 159.00
Ordinary member:  RM 30.00 per annum + RM 1.80 = RM 31.80 per annum
Associate member:  RM 20.00 per annum + RM 1.20 = RM 21.20
Term Associate Membership [associate membership for 10 years] : RM 100.00 + RM 6.00 = RM 106.00


1) All applications must be made using the Application form (download available below), with all details completed including the referees
2) Choose the appropriate membership category
3) Include your cheque (online payment will be made available later)
4) All cheques must be crossed A/C Payee Only and made payable to the
“ Malaysian Society of Haematology “
An additional RM 0.50 to be included for outstation cheques.

Download the forms here:

Application form

Download (DOC, 104KB)

Renewal of Subscription

Download (DOC, 98KB)